Converting your hard-earned cash between currencies using Norbert’s Gambit is a great tactic to save on excessive conversion fees. But before you jump in, it might benefit you to know exactly how much you’ll be paying. With a few simple inputs, this calculator determines how much you’ll be spending (down to the penny!) so that you can make your own cost-benefit analysis before committing to the process.

Norbert's Gambit Questrade Calculator

Arguably the most important metric you should track in your investment portfolio is your annualized rate of return. However, this essential performance indicator can be difficult to calculate, especially if you’re investing across multiple banks and brokerages. Use this tool to gauge the performance of one or all of your investing accounts.

Simply enter the start and end date of your portfolio(s), as well as all the contributions and withdrawals made within the specified period. The calculator then determines your portfolio’s Money-Weighted Rate of Return (MWRR) by factoring in the external contributions and withdrawals specific to your situation.

Money Weighted Rate of Return Calculator